Binance Is Getting Ready For Institutional Investors


There had been talking of the “mysterious” institutional investors since quite a while now. Everyone is waiting for them and everyone seems to have their own predictions on when will they finally arrive.

It’s good to see something happening, for a change.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trade volume in the world today, has just released a new feature targetting the institutional and high-tier individual investors and traders.

The new sub-account feature enables a creation of up to 200 sub-accounts under the main account. The main account will be the only one with the power to control all movement of assets between the sub-accounts. It will also be able to change the access and permission level of each-sub account.

Binance explained that the “master” account will be able to oversee all information, view balances and have an overall managerial control over all sub-accounts. It will also have an option to freeze and unfreeze them if needed.

This new feature will not be available to all users. Only corporate users and VIP 3 tier and up accounts will be able to enjoy all benefits.

BInance also claims to have increased the security for the new feature by “sub-dividing” login information.


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