Are You A Crypto Specialist? This Country Needs You!


A base pay of $102,720 plus guaranteed bonuses. This is how much companies are willing to pay for crypto engineers with five years experience. As the leading tech job service Toptal reports:

“January 2017, the demand for blockchain engineering talent on Toptal has grown 700 percent, and 40 percent of the fully managed software development projects requested in the last month require blockchain skills.”

The Coincheck exchange hack is still taking its toll. What it definitely showed, is the lack of crypto engineers in Japan. Coincheck’s Koichiro Wada explained:

“We were aware we didn’t have enough people working on internal checks, management and system risk. We strived to expand using headhunters and agencies, but ended up in this situation.”

Japan is at the forefront of crypto adoption. There are over 30 exchanges located there, with hundreds other companies already applying for licences.

Exchanges are ready to pay

Pascal Hideki Hamonic of Descartes Search, a recruiter specialising in tech and part of the Japan Blockchain Association, explains that recruiting services like theirs cannot keep up with the demand for crypto specialists. Last year 15% of all placements were crypto-related. This year its up to a whopping 60%.

And with exchanges ready to pay as much as 30% more then last year – Japan seems like a very promising destination for those qualified.


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