Are You A Blockchain Specialist? MasterCard Ireland Wants You!


Mastercard recently announced that it wants to hire 175 new employees for its Dublin office. The financial service provider is looking to increase its presence in Ireland.

Mastercard is looking for a wide range of specialists. Software engineers, data scientists, information security experts are all listed alongside Blockchain specialists.

Heather Humphreys, Ireland’s Minister for Business and Innovation expressed that Ireland became “a very attractive location for international fintech and payment companies”.

She mentioned favourable government policies as a reason:

“The Government has been working hard to ensure that we have the right conditions in place to attract the knowledge-based sectors to Ireland, in particular a skilled workforce that can fill the needs of companies like Mastercard. Ireland is now a very attractive location for international FinTech and payment companies from all over the world and announcements like this one today illustrate that our policies are continuing to deliver tangible results.”

In favor

Mastercard expressed that it is open to the idea of state-issued cryptocurrencies – like the Venezuelan Petro. The company filed a patent for instant credit card payments using Blockchain, in 2016 already.


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