A Tourism Board Of A Large European Country Now Accepts Bitcoin


To position the country as a diverse and attractive travel destination while strengthening it’s profile as a business location. Those are the goals of the German National Tourism Board (GNTB).

The organisation has offices in 32 countries worldwide. And now they accept Bitcoin. GNTB also plans to integrate blockchain into its finances. Its chairperson recently stated:

“We want to be a global innovation driver in the tourism industry,”

Now accepting Bitcoin

The organisation announced its plans to test the blockchain technologies in “medium-term”, but the cryptocurrency payments are already live since March this year.

“we are constantly examining the latest technologies and considering their application in our organization,”

– GNTB’s Chair said.

German National Tourism Board was founded by the Bundestag (German parliament) and has been promoting the country since more than sixty years. It’s headquarters are located in Frankfurt am Main, while another 32 offices are spread all over the world.


Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance recently announced that Bitcoin shouldn’t be taxed as long as its used as means of payment or exchanged. This effectively means a recognition of Bitcoin as a currency. It also paved the way for multiple companies to start accepting cryptocurrency as payment within Germany. The GNTB is the latest addition.

And most certainly not the last.


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