A Single Country Filed Over Half Of All Blockchain-Related Patents In 2017


According to data collected from the international patent organisation by Thomson Reuters, a total of 406 blockchain-related patents were filed in 2017.

China filed 225 of them, followed by the US (91) and Australia (13). Chinese companies grabbed six out of nine spots for most patents filed between 2012 and 2017.

This does not mean that all of them resulted in workable products, but it certainly shows an increased interest.

Blockchain technology patents tripled last year. This is largely due to companies moving to “protect their ideas in new areas of technological development — long before the technology actually goes to market.” – according to Alex Batteson of Thomson Reuters.

Ambitious Plans

Filing Blockchain-related patents can help companies attract investors. It shows an interest in the technology and protects them from other businesses.

Blockchain technology is definitely of great interest to the Chinese Government. The government-supported Investment Association of China will create the Blockchain Development Center. The plan,  leaked earlier this month, is to link domestic and international resources and invest in Chinese Blockchain projects. Setting up an investment development center is also on the agenda.

China did not announce it officially yet, but there is a rumor of it hosting an international summit on Blockchain in May 2018.


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