A Lawyer Will Build A Crypto City In The Nevada Desert


Some say that the location isn’t great. But some have said that the location for Vegas wasn’t great either.

It seems that the time has finally come for the desert crypto city.

Jefferey Berns, the owner and CEO of Blockchains LLC, revealed his plans to build a crypto city in the Nevada desert. Berns already purchased 67,000 acres of land for $170 million and claims to have invested $300 million to make the city a reality.

Berns made a fortune by investing in Ethereum back in 2015. He now wants to do something for the community by creating the Sandbox City. The idea behind it is to create a blockchain-based smart city with a tech park, residential units, shops, music and movie studio and an esports arena.

Berns also bought various sites across the world to create secure physical crypto storage. The sites include decommissioned bunkers in the United States, a fortress under a mountain in Switzerland and another one in Sweden.

In addition to all that, Berns also bought a bank. He plans to make it the world’s most crypto-friendly fiat institution. The move was inspired by his own bank blocking his cards after he admitted to being a Coinbase client.

This is yet another project that we are definitely adding to our watchlist.


Images courtesy of Shutterstock.com


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