50 Luxury Flats Sold for Bitcoin In Dubai By a Pair of British Entrepreneurs


According to a report published by Business Insider (10.02), two entrepreneurs from the UK – Douglas Barrowman and Michelle Mone, sold 50 luxury apartments in Dubai for Bitcoin.

The pair originally promised 150 apartments to be available for Bitcoin in the luxury Aston Plaza development. They range from $130k studios to two-bedroomed apartments for $380k (roughly 15 and 45 Bitcoin respectively).

Between September 2017 and February 2018, all of the 50 apartments were sold already. Michelle Mone explained that some of the buyers purchased multiple apartments, with one person buying as many as 10.

Despite another batch of developments not being available yet, they keep on receiving further inquires. This is the “first major development of this size” to be available for purchase with cryptocurrency said Barrowman.


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